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Capitol Reef National Park Trailride from Torrey Utah - 6 Days

Capitol Reef National Park Trailride from Torrey Utah - 6 Days

Capitol Reef National Park Trailride from Torrey Utah - 6 Days

Capitol Reef National Park Trailride from Torrey Utah - 6 Days -- Capitol Reef is a landscape where thousands of feet of layered sediments, deposited over three-hundred million years of geologic history, have been thrust skyward by faulting of the earth's crust. Eons of water and wind have then carved the jagged, multi colored spectacle you see today. It is little wonder the Ute Indians called Capitol Reef and environs: "Land of the Sleeping Rainbow". To stand on the breaks of Thousand Lakes Mountain or Boulder Mountain and take in the panorama of Capitol Reef and beyond, is indisputably an opportunity of a lifetime.

A deluxe basecamp will serve as your home for daily forays deeper into the wilderness. Exploring a new trail each day, you'll visit ancient petroglyphs, slickrock mountains, slot-canyons, rock arches, buttes and spires. Experience Cathedral Valley, Paradise, Hell's Hole, The Golden Throne, Pleasant Creek Gorge, Deep Creek Gorge, Tantalus Canyon, and more.

May 12
Wildflowers & Springtime in the Slickrock country
May 29
Pleasant Creek Rockart or Cathedral Valley
June 6
Pleasant Creek Rockart or Cathedral Valley
July 2
Ride Along America's "Great Western Trail"
Aug 19
Explore the breaks of Waterpocket Fold
Sept 11
Experience the breaks above Capitol Reef

Detailed Itinerary
Capitol Reef National Park Trailrides

Note: This is a sample itinerary for two of several camps we may use. Each camp is unique and often offers more trails to explore than time will permit.

Day 1

Arrive scenic Torrey, Utah and check into either the Capitol Reef Inn or Chuchwagon Inn--lodging will be specified with confirmation of ride reservation. Torrey is a town of a little over 200 population which is located at the junction of highways 12 and 24 near the west entrance of Capitol Reef National Park. The Capitol Reef Inn is located on highway 24 at the west end of Torrey. The Chuckwagon is located downtown, one block west of our headquarters. At 8:00pm meet at the Capitol Reef Inn's Bookstore and Gift Shop or pool side at the Chuckwagon Inn for an orientation and final packing session with your trip leader and the trip's interpretative specialist.

Day 2

After breakfast, you'll travel a short distance down the road to our headquarters. Transfers will be provided as needed. Our headquarters are located on highway 24 in the middle of downtown Torrey. At Our office and gift shop, we'll pack your gear in the camp 4X4, meet the remainder of the crew and your horse, then depart (9:00am) for our trailhead. The 25 mile ride through the Reef whets your appetite for riding through the seemingly impassible slickrock canyons. From the trailhead you'll ride past a 4th generation farm along Pleasant Creek, through a labyrinth of variously colored cliffs and canyons, past the Pioneer register, and the old corrals and buildings that are all that's left of the Sleeping Rainbow Ranch. Ponderosa pines, Navajo sandstone domes and a frosty drink welcome you at the basecamp.

Day 3

You awaken to the sound of the Pleasant Creek waterfalls and the aroma of breakfast cooking. After preparing lunch, you'll start along the sheep trail to the head of Tantalus Creek crossing the bare slickrock, gaining elevation throughout the morning. Lower Bowns Reservoir provides a welcome rest before resuming your discovery of prehistoric sites while returning home to a hot shower and cold drinks.

Day 4

With a hearty breakfast under your belts and an early start, you'll gradually leave Pleasant Creek, pass through Tantalus Flats and over the divide into Sheets Gulch, traipsing where prospectors from the 50's hoped the needles on their Geiger counters would signal a lucky strike. Once we make our way into the gulch, we'll be rewarded by the shady cottonwoods and monkey flowers. The route back will allow us to relish the backlit pink and purple hues on the Chinle and Navajo cliffs. A welcomed meal and relaxation around the evening campfire round out the day.

Day 5

After finding your way through the labyrinth of canyons which comprise the tributaries of Pleasant Creek we'll have the opportunity to see the eroding pictographs and Fremont pit houses of Spring Canyon. Enroute back to camp you'll have numerous opportunities to imagine the challenges that faced 19th century pioneers at stops at the Nixon canyon and Miner's mountain cabins.

Day 6

Departure day. After packing personal gear and breaking camp, you will ride the length of the Sulfur Creek to the Slickrock trail. Rendezvousing with our vehicles at Grover, you'll exchange your saddle seat for the cushioned comfort of a short vehicle ride along highway 12 . You'll arrive Torrey late afternoon.


CAMPS: Our trips feature tent camping at primitive sites and are supported by 4 WD vehicles. Our camp wagons allow us to furnish cooking, eating and shower tents, chairs and commode as well as feed for our horses. Guests stay in small tents for single or double occupancy. A base camp is the setting for most rides. We recommend that you: 1) pack as light as possible, 2) pack practically and with a utilitarian eye, and, 3) pack so you may layer clothing for warmth. We will provide each guest with water-proof gear bags for personal items. Participants on our trailrides will be assisted with final packing during the pre-trip orientation, the evening prior to departure--see confirmation letter for details.

Suggested Items to Bring
" wide brimmed hat, gloves
" heeled, smooth soled, riding boots
" long underwear, underwear and socks
" long sleeved shirts and pants
" sweater, medium and heavy weight jackets
" rubber overshoes (optional--For spring & fall mud)
" camp shoes (Tennis shoes or light hiking boots are good.)
" camera and plenty of film (Padded travel case is recommended.)
" quality rain coat and pants (We don't often use them but always have them.)
" flashlight, extra batteries, dark glasses and plenty of sun screen
" beer and liquor
" bandanas
" chaps (optional) " swim wear (optional)

" personal articles: towel, lip balm, moisturizing lotion, tooth brush and paste, soap like Ivory or Castile, band aids, mole skin, etc...

" riding helmet (This is an optional item except for riders under l8 years of age. Stipulations of our insurance require that riders should be encouraged to wear helmets.)
" stuff sacks or pillow cases (We recommend these for dirty laundry or pillow) " insect repellent (Avon's Skin-So-Soft is the only thing that repels the small gnats we sometimes encounter--a rare occurrence.)
What We Provide
sleeping bag
sleeping pad or cot
canvas tent
2 quart canteen
water-proof gear bags
saddle bags or day pack
saddle and tack


While no previous riding experience is required, participants should be in good health and physical condition. And although the minimum age of eight years is required, the important point you should understand is that we don't want to put any participant in a situation which they are physically or emotionally unable to handle. An appreciation of the outdoors is the only prerequisite for joining a trip.
Our trailrides are limited to 10 or 12 participants, depending on destination. Our trips are designed for horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in giving experienced riders the challenge and pace they desire without abusing the horses, and in giving wilderness seekers the untraveled and scenic backcountry they relish. Our high guide to guest ratio allows us to divide into groups by ability and interest when time and logistics allow.
It should be noted that although our trips are designed to accommodated hikers as well as riders, if you plan to combine both activities, let us or your travel consultant know so they may plan for appropriate personnel and horses before the last moment.


Tipping is always optional and a personal decision on your part, based on your overall experience. A guide is rewarded by the opportunity to show you a beautiful area and to share your vacation with you. However, a financial gesture of appreciation will be well received! If you do choose to pass along a gratuity, it is appropriate to direct it toward the trip leader who is responsible for distribution. The industry standard is 10-20%.


-all meals from lunch on day two through lunch on the last day with special diets accommodated
-the first night lodging in Torrey, and with transfer package, post-trip lodging in St. George
-ground transportation from Torrey or St. George, and return
-complete outfitting with deluxe basecamp including cooking and dining tents, showers and chairs
-canvas sleep tent with choice of one or two person, or family occupancy
-sleeping bag and six inch foam sleeping pad or cot
-water bottles, saddle bags and quality tack
-daily guided horseback riding or hiking
-seasoned mountain horses for novice or experienced riders
-guides/wranglers, cook, camp jack and interpretive specialist well versed in canyonlands social and natural history

Please reserve online, or call us toll-free at 800-985-5198.


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